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April 6th, 2005

Hi Guys, looks like we got two more games:

2005-04-10 Sunday 11h00 Pc-2 Novice "B" Coyotes vs Flames
2005-04-10 Sunday 12h00 Pc-2 Novice "B" Jets vs Avalanche
2005-04-10 Sunday 14h30 Pc-1 Novice "B" Flames vs Jets
2005-04-10 Sunday 15h30 Pc-1 Novice "B" Avalanche vs Coyotes

March 13th, 2005

Congratulations to the boys on their two wins (5-0 and 8-1) this weekend.

Next practice Saturday March 19th -11:00 AM at Pointe Claire

Next game, Wednesday March 23rd, 6:30 at Pointe Claire, against the Coyotes

March 7th 2005

First playoff game: Saturday March 12th at 12:00, (at Pointe Claire II) against the Avalanche

Second playoff game Sunday March 13th, at 8:00 or 9:00 depending on whether we win or lose Saturday

Our latest player profile:


Player Profile

Name: Brendon Dorrington
Shoots: Left
Position: Forward
Number: 11
Age : Eight
Experience: This is the first time I play hockey on my life
Favorite player: None
School: Grade 3- Selwyn House School
What he likes about hockey: Skating, making new friends and winning the games.
What he doesn't like about hockey: I dislike penalties and when the other team scores.
More Flames Player Profiles

If you would like your player profile on the site, please send me a digital photo along with the following information:
Name: Shoots: Position: Number: Experience: Favorite player: School: What he likes about hockey:  
What he doesn't like about hockey:

Final standings

NB - South PJ G P N BP BC PTS %

1 Jets (WSI) 18 14 2 2 67 20 18 48 0.833
2 Coyotes (WSI) 18 10 5 3 69 51 18 41 0.639
3 Civics (DDO) 18 9 7 2 34 31 18 38 0.556
4 Flames (WSI) 18 8 7 3 42 35 18 37 0.528
5 Avalanche (WSI) 18 6 8 4 24 47 18 34 0.444
6 Citadels (DDO) 18 5 8 5 26 41 18 33 0.417
7 Capitals (DDO) 18 4 8 6 21 34 18 32 0.389
Centennial(DDO) 18 2 13 3 20 44 18 25 0.194
144 58 58 28 303 303 144 144

February 22nd, 2005

The West Island March Break Hockey Camp will be taking place again this year. Our experience is that kids who attend get a real leg up. for information click here.

February 22nd, 2005

Flames team picture: Thanks to Maria Guerrero, Lucciano and Gabriel's mom.

February 15th, 2005

To: Novice B Flames, optional team skate--Friday, February 18th, 7:00, Pointe Clare Arena

Several of the Novice B Flames, including William McCusker and Thomas Diekmeyer, --as well as their families,-- will be going to the public skating at the Pointe Claire Arena this Friday at 7:00 to loosen up for their big game this weekend against the Jets.

It is an entirely optional skate, that will give the kids a chance to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere.
Hope to see you there.

January 25th, 2005

Games versus practices

Fifty minutes of ice time or fifteen minutes of ice time?

Most kids enjoy playing in the hockey games far more than they do attending practice. In fact attendence at games is typically twice as high as attendence in practices. But which is better for your child's development?

One clue is by evaluating ice time. A typical one hour game works out to about 30 minutes of stop-time action. That means if there are ten skaters, your child will be on the ice for 15 minutes. And since there are nine other kids on the ice, he'll touch the puck about 10 percent of the time, or for about 1.5 minutes per game. Weaker players occasionally don't touch a puck even once during a game.

On the other hand, for most practices, your child will skate for the full 50 minutes. He'll get a good workout and much of that time he'll have a puck on his stick.

Which is better for your child's development? You decide.


January 18th, 2005

(1) Congratulations to the five Flames (Justin Latreille, Turner Allison, Jeremy Gabor, William McCusker and Thomas Diekmeyer) who skated in the Monday night hockey camp with the Atom and PeeWee kids. Several of the guys will be going again next week. For information call John or Peter.

(2) Hockey West Island will be holding spring break camps during the week of February 28 - March 4. These camps are a great way for kids to catch up on some of their basic skills and to have a little fun too. We'll post details on this site as soon as they become available.

(3) We are thinking about having a team breakfast after practice on January 22nd or the 29th. Details to follow.

(4) And finally: we are looking for a volunteer to be our next "Player of the week." If you would like to have have your "player profile" on the Flames Web-site please E-mail me a SMALL digital photo along with the following information:

 Player name:

Favorite NHL player: 
Hockey experience: 
What he likes about hockey: 
What he hates about hockey:

January 3rd 2004

This week's player profile:

If you would like to have have your "player profile" on the Flames Web-site please E-mail me a SMALL digital photo along with the following information:

December 21, 2004

Congratulations Flames for an excellent effort against the first place Jets. After a strong first period, we gave ground and took a 2-0 loss, but the guys put in a great show.

We're now off for a couple of weeks, but several of the guys are planning to attend the West Island Christmas Hockey Camp, which begins on Thursday December 23rd, at 13:00 at Dorval arena. Its a great way to stay in shape, and an excellent chance to hone your skills before the second half of the season starts. For information check out this link or call me at 631-0025. We hope to see you there.

For those who are going away, we wish you great Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

This week's player profile:

December 19th, 2004

Flames 2, Capitals 0. Congratulations team for our 2-0 victory today. A special note to Turner Allison who logged his first shut-out as a back-up goalie, Montana Navrette who played his first game as a defencemen and to Thomas Diekmeyer who got the winning goal and an assist on Justin Latreille's clincher.

December 14th, 2004

Our next practice is Saturday December 18th at Pointe Claire at 7:00 AM. Hope to see you all there.

December 12th, 2004

We lost a real heartbreaker this weekend to Dollard 1-0, but we put up a great effort. Congratulations team, and a special cheer for Montana Navrette who kept us in the game until the end, and to Justin Latreille who almost got us on the socreboard with a good effort.


Novice B ­ Flames Team Roster

Number E-mail Telephone Parent Contact

Coach: John McCusker jmccusker@videotron.ca 457-4212, 347-1510, 697-1510 N/A
Assistant: Dean Allison dean.allison@aircanada.ca 695-7717, 422-7803 N/A
Assistant: Peter Diekmeyer peter@peterdiekmeyer.com 514-631-0025 N/A
Manager: Connie Moll familymoll@hotmail.com 514-695-3247 N/A


#1 Montana Navrrete navpolar@videotron.ca 620-6697, 934-0054, 745-8488 Tina 
(Grandparents 695-8954) 
# 2 Turner Allison dean.allison@aircanada.ca 514-422-7803, 695-7717 Dean Allison 
# 6 Thomas Diekmeyer peter@peterdiekmeyer.com 514-631-0025 Peter Diekmeyer 
#10 Brian Foster lindaandrin@aol.com 514-697-4044 Mike Foster, Linda Andrin 
#12 Andrew Moll familymoll@hotmail.com 514-695-3247 Connie 
#7 MacKenzie Wilkinson garywilkinson@videotron.ca 514-697-1323, 895-8474 Gary Wilkinson 

#15 Nicholas Audet 453-0600 Neil Audet 
#14 Samuel Desrosiers jessyka@colba.net 450-424-1732, Jean-François (father) 
(Grandfather 697-5238) 
#13 Jeremie Gabor gabor.royal@sympatico.ca 514-695-3919 Vladimir Gabor 
#16 Timothy Kaercher richard.kaercher@aircanada.ca 514-694-3667, 514-422-5496 Richard Kaercher 
#9 Justin Latreille mcaille@videotron.ca 697-6693, 876-2356 Hughes Latreille 
#8 Daniel Leblanc dagwoodsan@hotmail.com 631-7656 Tim Leblanc 
#4 William McCusker jmccusker@videotron.ca 457-4212, 697-1510 John McCusker (Lucy) 
#11 Brendon Dorrington bscdorrington@sprint.ca 694-5418
#5 Gabriel Vezina	, emile.vezina@sympatico.ca	633-0107, 735-8420	Emil Vezina, maria.guerrero@sympatico.ca
#3 Lucciano Vezina,	emile.vezina@sympatico.ca	633-0107, 735-8420	Emil Vezina, maria.guerrero@sympatico.ca

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