Transit Truck Bodies
Laval, Quebec
Truck bodies
Primary markets: Canada
Number of employees: 215
Louis Leclair, president

Following in his mother’s footsteps

During the 1980s boys who wanted to be just like their mothers, usually kept that information to themselves. Not Louis Leclair, whose mother Suzanne Leclair founded Transit Truck Bodies in the late 1970s. From his earliest days Leclair told anyone who would listen that he wanted to run the operation one day. In 2005, after nearly two decades climbing the corporate ladder, he began doing so.

Today Transit Truck Bodies produces 2,500 multi-use and refrigerated truck bodies each year at its 125,000 square-foot Laval facility. Last October, the company, which offers a range of standard and custom models, delivered its 45,000th unit.

From its earliest days, Transit Truck Bodies prioritized after-sales service, counting on word of mouth recommendations to help build the business. The company thus maintains a full line of parts and accessories. These include doors, rooftops, cargo tracks, bumpers and ramps. Transit Truck Bodies also offers buyers technical advice in defining the containers they need, based on the cargo they will be shipping and the types of deliveries they do (dock or door shipments). Fast turnaround, which includes delivery in as little as three days, is another major selling point.

Ironically things are now coming full-circle. After wanting to follow in his mother’s footsteps, Leclair is now hoping that his teenage daughters will follow their father into the business. “My mother built Transit into Quebec’s largest truck body manufacturer, I built it into the largest in Canada,” says the gregarious entrepreneur breaking a hopeful smile. “Maybe my girls can build it into the biggest in North America.”


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