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March 23, 2015


Metro gets increasingly personal

New app provides clients targeted content/product offerings.


Metro Inc. is turning up the heat on its digital marketing strategy. The Quebec-based retailer is rolling out a new app, called “Just for me,” that offers clients improved personalized content targeted to their interests. The innovation will include a web-based flyer, which shows the weekly specials, listed according to customers’ tastes, that will also be available on mobile devices.


According to Marc Giroux, Metro’s chief marketing and communications officer, the new functionality will save shoppers’ time, as products they regularly buy will appear on top of the list of specials. “I was amazed at the quality of the information that we have on there,” says Giroux. “This will substantially improve grocery shoppers’ experiences.” 


Metro’s targeted content also includes a weekly menu that includes recipe ideas that are based on customers’ lifestyles. Coupons and personalized flyer offers will also be based on purchasing history, as well as a list of the products that they have demonstrated an interest in. The new innovations build on Metro’s exiting extensive online presence, which when combined with other media, will provide the company with an estimated 100 million targeted contacts with clients this year.


While the new Metro innovations, which Giroux calls “a first in North America” will benefit all shoppers, particularly the 62 percent of them that regularly check online flyers, women will be the big winners. Even with their increasing personal and work commitments, females continue to take on the lion’s share of family shopping responsibilities.  Metro is betting that they time they save from flipping through various advertisements will add a new dimension to loyalty-building efforts.




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