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IMP Aerospace and Defence is one of Canadaís few domestically-owned major defence players. The company provides a wide range of aerospace offerings including in-service-support, engineering and maintenance, repair and overhaul, to a wide range of domestic and export clients. IMP is also the parent company of British Columbia-based Cascade Aerospace, which it acquired in 2012. With its 4,400 employees, 1,500 of which are based in Atlantic Canada, giving it a dominant presence there, IMP provides a range of services to the Department of National Defence. Activity is thus generally brisk and 2014 was no exception.
IMP recently completed Block II in Canadaís CP-140 Aurora Incremental Modernization Program. According to Carl Kumpic, the companyís vice-president (international marketing), the program to extend the life of Canadaís maritime patrol aircraft fleet was recently increased from 10 to fourteen aircraft. That program includes complete wing replacement which will be undertaken at IMPís Halifax facility.

IMPís SAR Helicopter Operating Unit for its part supports Canadaís rotary wing search and rescue aircraft at the Halifax-based Cormorant Support Center. Current priorities include helping to design a mid-life upgrade for the rugged Cormorants, which Kumpic says have among the highest flight times in the world.

IMPís Cascades division also nudged a milestone last year. The division, which provides maintenance, material and technical support for Canadaís fleet of CC-130s Hercules transport aircraft, recently marked its 100th delivery, following completion of scheduled maintenance. (It should be noted that Canada has about 30 Hercules CC-130s and CC-130Js, several of which have passed through the Cascades facility more than once). Yet despite all the defence work that IMP is doing Kumpic thinks the company can handle more. Among the many DND programs that IMP will be looking at during the coming years are the much delayed fixed wing search and rescue aircraft program, NSPS and Future Pilot Training.

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