#7 L-3 Communications 

2014 Rank: 5


L-3 Communications, a major supplier to Canada’s land, sea and air forces once again places well in CDR’s Top Ten list due to wide range of the capabilities it provides and its movement forward on a variety of fronts. The federal government’s announcement that it will extend the life of Canada’s CF-18 Hornet fighter jets will be great news for the company’s L-3 MAS division, which provides maintenance, repair and overhaul services for the aircraft at its Mirabel Quebec facilities.

As Peter Gartenburg, L-3 Communications’ vice-president (Canada operations) notes, L-3 services all of the three Royal Canadian Air Force fleets which are currently deployed overseas. Along with the CF-18 Hornets these include the CP-140 Aurora (a maritime patrol aircraft) and the CC-150 Polaris (a tanker/refueler and VIP long-distance travel aircraft).

On the naval front L-3 MAPPS got great news early last year, when it was selected to design the integrated platform management system (IPMS) for the Royal Canadian Navy’s new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship project. IPMSs, which monitor and control shipboard propulsion, electrical, ancillary and other systems are crucial pieces of naval kit.

The initial mandate, which will be carried out at L-3 MAPPS’s 250-employee Montreal facility, will consist of subsystem design. That said, the selection was not a complete surprise to industry insiders as L-3 MAPPS’s IPMS technology is widely installed on a wide range of Canadian naval vessels including the Maritime Coastal Defence Vehicles and Victoria Class Submarines. Furthermore existing L-3 MASS IPMSs on the country’s Halifax Class Frigates are currently being upgraded. According to Gartenburg the company will also be broadening its local naval product offerings through a newly formed entity called L-3 Marine Services Canada.

The company’s L-3 WESCAM division, which bills itself as “a world leader in the design and manufacture of stabilized, multi-spectral imaging systems,” also made progress last year. Milestones included the inking of a new export deal with the United Arab Emirates and the launch of a new high-definition spotter-sensor, for its MX-10 electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) spotter system.

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