#6 Meggitt Training Systems Canada

2014 Rank: #3


In peaceful nations like Canada the main job of front line defence forces is preparing for (as opposed to engaging in) conflict situations. In such an environment training effectiveness becomes increasingly crucial and companies like Meggitt Training Systems Canada thus inevitably place well in Top Ten rankings.

Meggitt, which bills itself as a provider of “unmanned air, land and sea vehicle targets for live-fire training and weapon system test and evaluations,” is one of Canada’s few defence sector original equipment manufacturers. The company also nurtures top research and development talent at its Medicine Hat facility, and is constantly designing new threat-representative targets and special mission platforms.

According to Peter Longstaff, Meggitt’s president, the company’s virtual and live fire training products continue to be an integral part of Canadian military training and have also carved a niche in export markets. Not all of the news at Meggitt is good though. The Harper Government’s massive across-the-board defence training and readiness cuts have hit the sector hard.

Fortunately Meggitt’s positives continue to outpace its negatives. The company continues to get great international press, including good recent reviews of the performance of its Hammerhead targets in RIMPAC 2014, the world’s largest maritime warfare exercise.  Meggitt officials also announced yet another export contract last June, this time a deal to sell multiple Hammerhead and Barracuda targets to the Australian Navy.

Meggitt got further good momentum when a Land Vehicle Crew Training Systems Upgrade was listed as a requirement in Canada’s new defence acquisition guide. Although the project’s potential timeline is far into the future (from 2026 to 2035) its potential size (between $150 million $250 million), and match with Meggitt’s existing capabilities, will make preparing for and landing a deal a major priority during coming years.

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