#4 Lockheed Martin Canada

2014 Rank: #6


Lockheed Martinís chances of selling F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters to Canada have substantially improved during the past 12 months. Given the dealís projected size, which would be the largest defence contract by far in the countryís history, we are giving this highly diversified contributor to Canadaís national defence the number four spot in our Top Ten ranking.

True, Lockheed Martinís challenges in developing and selling next generation fighters have attracted enormous attention. However, despite hesitations, Canadaís commitment to the JSF program quietly continues to inch along. By simultaneously announcing plans to extend the life of Canadaís existing CF-18 Hornets, the Harper Government, JSFís biggest backer, may well succeed in pushing the Toriesí bungling on the file under the rug as an issue in the coming election campaign, which, as of this writing, polls show that they are poised to win.

However Lockheed Martin is about far more than just JSF. The company has more than 850 employees working at major facilities in Ottawa, Montreal, Dartmouth and Victoria, coupled with numerous Department of National Defence sites across the country. Charles Bouchard, its chief executive cites Lockheed Martinís efforts to assist on the national shipbuilding procurement strategy, international cyber-security, energy and non-defence areas such as environmental concerns, as among its many standout contributions.

Early this year Lockheed Martin was awarded a subcontract to handle command and systems integration work on the Royal Canadian Navyís new class of Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships. Around the same time the company opened a 109,000 square foot facility in Kanata which will house its mission systems and training division.

However the big prize remains that looming JSF contract and there too Lockheed Martin has taken concrete steps forward. In early 2013 the company acquired Aveos Fleet Performanceís engine maintenance and repair assets in Montreal. This will give it options to provide value to Canada by doing offset work there following any fighter deal.

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