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When Raytheon Canada won a five-year deal last year to operate and maintain Canada’s North Warning System, few outside the defence industry paid much attention. Since the end of the cold war installations such as the 47 unmanned long and short range radar stations that are stretched between Labrador and Alaska, have attracted little attention. However recent tensions in Russia and the Ukraine have provided a stark reminder that those installations are there for a reason.  

Canada’s commitment to send 200 soldiers to the Ukraine, which is on Russia’s border, and a resulting increase in Russian air patrols along NATO borders, have dramatically increased the importance of Canada’s North Warning System, and thus of Raytheon, the company maintaining them.

In fact Raytheon Canada, which bills itself as among other things a leader in engineering services, surveillance and navigation systems, air traffic control radars and maritime surveillance, has been surprisingly active in on the defence front. This Canadian subsidiary of Raytheon Company, recently announced a teaming with General Dynamics Canada and Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems to bid on Canada’s Underwater Warfare Suite Upgrade project.

Raytheon is also looking leverage the cheap Canadian dollar to actively pursue international sales opportunities for its high frequency surface wave radar, of which 350 its systems are already installed in more than 40 countries. Here in Canada Raytheon is looking to supply the Department of National Defence with next generation primary surveillance radar, upgrades to existing ship-borne radar systems and upgrades to those North Warning installations.

If the Harper Government plans to continue to deploy soldiers in the Ukraine, which Russia, a nuclear power, has long regarded as within its sphere of influence, that last investment might not be a bad place to start.

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