Candiac, Quebec
Transmission towers, sub-stations
Primary markets: Quebec
Number of employees: 265
Contact: Michael Cyr, CEO
Email:  mgcyr@locweld.com

Locweld’s electrifying growth

Quebec is a leader in hydro-electric power generation, much of which is produced at remote locations in the province’s northern region. The electricity is distributed via a massive network of lattice towers, tubular poles and substations. Lockweld produces much of that infrastructure at its 220,000 square-foot Candiac facilities.

“Its heavy manufacturing,” said Michael Cyr the company’s president. “Some of the beams, plates and angles that we transform are up to 60 feet long and weigh more than five tons.” Cyr joined the company, which his father had co-owned, in 1996. In 2003, while just a recent graduate from Concordia University’s executive MBA program, he took an ownership stake. In 2011 he moved into the top job.

After that things moved fast. Production has more than doubled, advancing faster than the number jobs created, a sure sign of rising productivity. All this despite Locweld’s unionized workforce, which Cyr actually enjoys working with. “They are the most important part of the organization,” he says. “Although steel, not labour, is the major input in our manufacturing processes, and we have invested considerable sums into equipment, the rise in per-capita output results in increased reliance on employees.”

Cyr also attributes the company’s success to its exports which have increased to 85 percent of production this year. That’s up from 65 percent in 2013 and 30 percent in 2012. However in coming years there could be a lot more work on the domestic front too. Locweld is angling to land orders on the projected re-building of the Champlain Bridge as well as on future transmission initiatives. For that Cyr is expecting help from his sister Deanne, who recently joined the firm as vice-president (sales and marketing).


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