Fenplast Portes & Fenętres
Candiac, Québec
Windows and doors
Primary markets: Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick
Number of employees: 360
Contact: Sylvain Arbour, marketing manager
Email:  sarbour@fenplast.com

Sliding into the door business

Canada’s housing market consistently ranks among the strongest in the developed world. Home builders are big winners from this trend. But so are subcontractors, like Fenplast Portes & Fenętres, a window and steel and sliding door manufacturer, whose production is heavily tied to housing and renovation demand.

According to Jean Marchand, its president, Fenplast Portes & Fenętres’ annual sales growth has averaged more than 20 percent since it was founded a quarter of a century ago. “My father, uncles and brothers were all in windows and doors,” he explains. “So when two of my brothers talked about starting a vinyl window plant, it was natural for me to go into that business.” 

Marchand attributes Fenplast Portes & Fenętres’ success to a variety of factors notably its vertical integration strategy. The company makes most of its vinyl doors and windows from scratch. Workers extrude the PVC used in the manufacturing process and make the insulated glass units in-house. Products are then custom-assembled based on client needs. Highly motivated employees and a resulting low turnover rate are also a major productivity drivers says Marchand, as is quality workmanship, a major selling point. Fenplast distributes it wares through an extensive dealer network of about 80 outlets located in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Yet despite Fenplast’s success and increased production, which have added 40 employees to the payroll during the past year, Marchand is not resting on his laurels. During the coming years he plans to boost sales further by increasing marketing efforts and setting up a direct channel to bid on large construction projects.


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