Boire & Frères Inc.
Wickham, Québec
Egg and chicken production
Primary market: Canada
Number of employees: 460
Contact: Eric Stejskal

These chickens have legs

Businesses that last more than a few years are rare. Those approaching the century mark, such as Boire & Frères, a Wickham Quebec poultry-products producer, which was founded in 1927, are in a class by themselves.

“It’s a family enterprise whose members make working together a priority,” explains Eric Stejskal, a graduate of Concordia University’s MBA program, who joined the company in 2009 after two decades in the pharmaceutical industry. “The results have been impressive. The founder’s three sons, Claude (who is president), Clement and Denis, have not only maintained the business, they built it into one of Quebec’s largest hatchery and chicken producers.”

Stejskal cites the quality of the chickens that Boire & Frères raises for other hatcheries and of the table and specialty eggs it produces as key success factors. “Much of our output is used by the pharmaceutical industry for production of seasonal flu vaccines and their standards are high,” he explains. “However we extend tight production and financial controls throughout the organization.” Boire & Frères also caters to shifting consumer tastes for specialty products. These include brown and Omega 3 eggs produced by free running chickens. Strict government supply management regulations which heavily favour incumbent producers also help.

That said despite Boires & Frères’ success, there are 12 long years to go before it hits the century mark. Hitting that milestone will depend in large part on the family’s third generation. These include Patrice Boire a board member, Frédéric, a project manager and Mylène who works in finance.


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