Momentum Technologies Inc.
Quebec, Quebec
Professional services automation and IT
Primary market: Quebec
Number of employees: 115
Michel Ganache, president
Claude Lachance, vice-president (business development),

A software industry big shot

When software giant CGI acquired Cognicase just over a decade ago, several employees saw a major opportunity. “We knew the Quebec market well and quickly realized that a smaller local firm could deliver far more targeted services than a large outside player,” said Michel Ganache, who is now president of Momentum Technologies, which he founded with four partners out of the ashes of the merger. “It looks like our timing was good.”

The new company grew fast. By the end of the first year it had 24 fulltime employees, due in part to a large contract inked with the Quebec government. Today Momentum Technologies provides a range of database administrator services. These include helping clients install, maintain and develop Internet systems using Oracle software. “We have a strong pool of Java developers on staff,” said Ganache, who is approaching his 30th year in the industry. “This enables us to provide the custom solutions our clients want.”

Ganache credits the company’s success to its ability to attract and retain top talent. “There is a real shortage of IT professionals in Quebec City,” said Ganache. “We overcame this by hiring and integrating more than two dozen IT specialists from outside the country into our firm.”

Momentum’s ability to leverage new opportunities is another big advantage. For example the company recently developed a range of customer relations, billing, human capital management and job costing solutions for internal use. But the programmers quickly realized that the package, now being marketed under the “Manitou” brand, could be easily be sold to external clients. In coming months Momentum Technologies will be seeking to expand its US presence, evaluating acquisition opportunities and possibly partnering with another provider to build its aerospace sector presence.


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