Laurentide Controls
Kirkland, Quebec
Automation solutions
Primary market: Eastern Canada
Steve Dustin, president
Number of employees: 225
Natalie Slaughter, Marketing Coordinator,

Controlled growth

Canadian manufacturers have had a rough go of it during recent years, due to the strong dollar and relentless international competition. As a result, many have been relying on suppliers to help them boost productivity. One provider is Laurentide Controls, which markets a range of automation solutions developed by Emerson Process Management and others.

“We supply valves, instruments and systems that control flows through pipes in industrial facilities such as refineries, chemical, pulp & paper and other plants,” says Steve Dustin, who became Laurentide Controls’ president last year. After picking up engineering and MBA degrees from McGill University, Dustin spent two decades working his way up the ranks to the top spot. He will be supported by Chris Dixon, the previous president, who is staying on for a year in a consulting role.

Dustin credits Laurentide Controls’ success to several factors many of which Dixon had a hand in advancing. The first is the company’s diversified, steadily-growing sales base, which is split almost evenly between products and services marketed in three categories. These include process control solutions, plant reliability programs, instrumentation and related services.

Two recent acquisitions also helped to boost sales. In 2011 Laurentide picked up SIE (Steam and Industrial Equipment) a distributor of plumbing equipment and an assembler of air, steam, liquid and gas safety valves. Then in 2012 the company acquired IVRQ (Industriel Valves & Raccords Quémau), a Boisbriand-based firm which brought with it a strong base of municipal accounts. “Our mission is to turn our clients’ plants’ potential into better performance, to save them money and increase their profitability,’ explains Dustin. “If they win, we win.”


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