Soucy Techno Inc.

Sherbooke, Quebec

Rubber compounds

Primary market: Canada, US

Number of employees: 162

General manager: André Archambault




Rubber mixer gets good bounce


Companies that produce goods sold directly to consumers generally get considerable public attention. However according to André Archambault, general manager of Soucy Techno, those that sell less-visible supply chain inputs, can often do just as well, if not better than higher profile organizations.


Soucy Techno produces rubber compounds used in products such as gaskets and hoses, as well as for specialty milling, injection molding and military applications. Archambault joined the business, which is located in an 80,000 square-foot plant in Sherbrooke Quebec, after completing his master’s degree in chemistry and doing a stint at Bombardier, where he noted a lack of quality mid-tier rubber suppliers.


Archambault credits Soucy Techno’s success to a variety of factors, notably the industry knowledge that staff have accumulated. Rubber is widely available from North Africa, Malaysia, Thailand and other markets, so a key industry differentiator is the ability to process it into refined products such as polymers, reinforcing agents and processing aids. “There are no university degrees in rubber in Canada,” says the wily veteran. “So we have to train our own people. Over time they have become an extremely valuable asset.”  


That talent pays off big time in Soucy Techno’s research and development efforts, which include a new generation of mining sector recipes currently being patented. “Our broad experience means that clients often consult with us to determine the best compounds to use in their applications,” says Archambault. “That gives us a leg up, when it comes time to bid on the job.”


Soucy Techno’s considerable (50 percent of profits) investments in production equipment and the latest IT systems also contribute to boosting overall efficiency. These include $5 million being sunk into a new mixing line (and the company’s third calendar) to be used to produce tank linings for large reservoirs.






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