PCO Innovation

Montreal, Quebec


Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Primary market: Canada

Number of employees: 600 consultants

President: Étienne Borgeat

E-mail: etienne.borgeat@pco-innovation.com

514-866-3000 (224)


Boosting profits through effective product lifecycle management


As aerospace, packaged goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals and other products get increasingly complex, so to do the lifecycle chains which support them. That means fostering effective collaboration between people in design, production, after-sales service and other departments, can significantly boost productivity. PCO Innovation helps clients do just that.


Étienne Borgeat, its CEO became interested in product life-cycle management (PLM) early in his career when he noticed that three-dimensional computer assisted designs could be exported to other departments (such as costing, purchasing and safety) which could work on them simultaneously, thus speeding innovation. He soon began to wonder about other ways that could get large numbers of departments and people working more effectively together.


As Borgeat (who, along with Olivier Letard, co-founded PCO Innovation’s parent company in 2000) notes, specifying what product lifecycle management is, isn’t easy. “There are many definitions out there,” admits Borgeat. “These include some advanced by software providers, which accommodate only what their products can do. We take a broader approach that focuses on everything from effective product definition, to continuous improvement and helping stakeholders to collaborate.”


PCO Innovation has grown by leaps and bounds since inception by supplying services ranging from scoping studies, to business transition assistance, training and consulting. This past year the company opened offices in Germany and Seattle, Washington. Borgeat credits the PCO Innovation’s success to its ability to identify and foster the right attitude among new staff members. “Technology is always changing, so if you hire someone who just has one skill, you won’t get far,” says Borgeat. “But if you find someone who can identify opportunities and likes to learn, he can add value indefinitely.”






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