Cowan Insurance Group

Cambridge Ontario

Insurance brokerage and consulting

Primary market: Nine locations in Ontario

Number of employees: 350

President: Heather McLachlin





Cowan insures clients put first


To the outsider, the insurance industry looks like a blur of suits, who smile enthusiastically, pat backs, talk jargon and sell commodity products described in reams of paperwork, which they incessantly shove at you to sign. Heather McLachlin, president of Cowan Insurance Group, wants to change that perception.


McLachlin joined the brokerage, which is owned by Maureen Cowan (grand-daughter of founder Frank Cowan), three years ago and took on direct bottom-line operational responsibility, including for business development, an area she specializes in.  She credits the group’s success to its people, who she describes as its main asset.


“We operate in four major business lines: commercial, group and personal insurance, as well as in wealth management,” says McLachlin. “However our human assets are particularly effective because we take the time to get to better know client needs, the businesses they work in and challenges they face. This enables us to build a more effective risk profile and to identify potential solutions.”


It also opens up huge cross-selling opportunities which Cowan Insurance Group is quick to capitalize on, by for example, nominating vice-presidents who “quarterback” marketing efforts to various industries such as construction, manufacturing and technology. The company also sells a full line of personal insurance products which cover cars, boats, property and a range of other assets.







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