Canada Goose

Toronto, Ontario


Primary market: North America, Europe

Number of employees: 400

President: Dani Reiss




Things warming up at Canada Goose


If Canada ran a Soviet-style economy which identified crucial national industries to be protected, climate would dictate that winter coats would probably be one. However according to Dani Reiss, president of Canada Goose, the planners needn’t bother.


At a time when most textiles makers have shipped all the production equipment they can to cheaper overseas labor markets, Canada Goose has built and maintained a premium domestically-made outerwear line. “We invested in Canadian apparel manufacturing when everyone thought we were crazy,” said Reiss. “We continue to swim upstream, and because of that, we’ve been recognized as a successful leader.”


Reiss got into the industry the old fashioned way – he was born into a family business (then known as Metro Sportswear). Yet despite being around parkas all his life, he was never enthralled at the prospect of working there. However one year he logged a summer at the plant, to earn money for a trip to Europe. Soon after, he began thinking about how a small under-developed company brand known as Canada Goose, would perform in Europe. The rest is history. Canada Goose now generates annual revenues in excess of $100 million, up 35-fold in the past decade.


Reiss attributes the success to its products, which he describes as the “warmest and the best the world.” Canada Goose’s authenticity as a domestically designed, developed and manufactured brand and commitment to the environment also helped, as did a 400 percent sales increase last year in the company’s lightweight down collection.








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