Burnbrae Farms Limited

Lyn, Ontario


Egg products

Primary market: Canada

Number of employees: 1,000

President: Margaret Hudson




Burnbrae gets cracking


When one thinks of a family farm, images of a single barn, tractor and open field come to mind. Burnbrae Farms is nothing like that. Burnbrae is a family owned egg-production, grading and processing giant.


The Burnbrae family has been farming for more than 100 years though the company was founded “only” 50 years or so years ago. In 1973 the company set up a plant to break, pasteurize and package surplus eggs, heralding the start of its processed products division. Today the company’s main focus is on egg harvesting from no fewer than 900,000 chickens that are housed, in four wholly-owned farms in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia and numerous contracted facilities.


Major customers include retail chains such as Loblaws, restaurants, foodservice operations and industrial clients, which are all either supplied directly, or through its wholesale/distributor partners. “It’s a big operation I know,” says its president Margaret Hudson, with a chuckle. “But food production isn’t what it used to be.”


Hudson credits several reasons for the Burnbrae’s success over the years, notably the quota system, - whereby producers are given relative security that they will be able to sell their production, - which has given the company the ability to invest and grow. Innovations, such as marketing of Omega Three eggs, cooked eggs and egg whites, also played a key role.









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