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National Festival coverage

Day one


By Peter Diekmeyer


August 8, 2012


Day one at the National Festival started great guns with beautiful weather at the Bishops University combining with exceptional action on the field. Scouts from national teams in both the boys and girls divisions and various media were visible, with even CBC taking an interest.


The big news early on was Quebec’s defeat powerhouse of a Ontario team in the U-18 men’s division. Later, Ontario’s U-18 girls’ 92-0 trouncing of New Brunswick, demonstrated rugby’s toughness as a sport in its refusal to adopt a “mercy” rule.


Quebec v. Newfoundland and Labrador (U-16)


The U-16 match between Quebec and Newfoundland & Labrador provided exceptional action, with the Quebec team goaded relentlessly from the sidelines by coach Clive Gibson, eventually registering a thrilling 20-8 come-from-behind victory.


The game started out well for Newfoundland & Labrador who pulled to an early 8-3 lead.  Quebec tied it up on a thrilling try by Sebastian Iaricci, who also contributed to the go-ahead try which was eventually scored by Greg Watson, by making a brilliant pass just as he neared the endzone.


“It was a picture play, a real teamwork move, the kind we train them to do to,” enthused Gibson, before turning his focus to more important things. “Now we have got to get ready for our next match.”


Alberta v. British Columbia (U-16)


British Columbia registered its second win of the day in convincing fashion, dominating a hard-working Alberta team with a tough combination of size, speed and an exceptional display of passing prowess.


“We are playing well for each other and profited by responding to a couple of key turnover opportunity,” said Ken Erikson, who co-coaches British Columbia along with Peter Jamieson. “What I also really liked was our mental attitude during the game … no highs no lows…Now we just have to make sure we keep that up.



Alberta v. British Columbia U-18 Girls


The Alberta and British Columbia U-18 girls squared up for some hard slogging just after lunch today, in sweltering heat that had even fans taking breaks from the bleachers, to head for the coolness of the shade. Alberta got out to a quick lead getting the crucial first points on a try by Shannon Fitzpatrick, later taking a 12-0 advance, which it managed to hang onto, eventually winning 15-12 despite sustained pressure by BC in the second half.


“They are a tough team,” said Liam Hutchinson, Alberta’s coach, his face showing grudging admiration. “And we will almost certainly have to face them again later in the tournament. So naturally we were also taking numbers as to which girls we need to watch.”


Hutchinson identified Nicolina Boundy and Jess Nielson, as two BC players who contributed to making a close game out of what initially looked like might have turned into a runaway, and Melissa Bass and Booke Plewsa who put in a particularly good showing for Alberta.


New Brunswick v. Manitoba (U-18 boys)

New Brunswick entered its second game of the day after having taken a 31-7 beating at the hands of Alberta earlier on. However the team responded well, led by Jackson Chamberland, who scored three tries and four converts, as New Brunswick bounced back in convincing fashion to beat Manitoba 47-10. “We came to the tournament just happy to be here,” said Alberta’s coach. “But our opponents this morning came to we lost our first game. Well, this afternoon we came to play too and the result was different.”



U-18 Men


BC                   36

ON2                5


Ontario1            5

Quebec            17


Alberta             31

New Bruns.        7


Alberta             31

New Bruns.      7


NFLD              34

Nova Scotia     12


Manitoba          0

Sask.                10


ON1                12

Alberta             6



U-18 Women


Ontario             24

Quebec            0


BC                   13

Saskatchewan    0


Alberta             22

Nova Scotia       0


Alberta             22

Nova Scotia       0


Manitoba          6

NFLD              0


BC                   10

Alberta             15


Ontario 92

New Bruns.      0


U-16 Men


BC1                 45                   

New Bruns.      0


NFLD              8

Quebec            20


BC2                 8

ON1                7


ON2                14

AB                   3


BC                   42

Alberta             0


NFLD              0

ON1                47


BC2                 38

New Bruns.      0


ON2                52

Quebec            0





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