Lasik MD Inc.

Montreal Quebec

Laser corrective surgery

Primary market: Canada

Number of employees: 550, including 50 surgeons (half are part-owners)

President: Mark Cohen


A sharper vision


Lasik MD has long been the most recognized name in the Canadian laser vision correction industry. If you believe Mark Cohen, its president and co-founder, during the past year not much has changed. “We perform about half of the surgical procedures in the sector,” says Cohen. “Furthermore as public confidence in the long-term effectiveness of laser procedures continues to grow, so does market demand.”


Cohen, who co-founded Lasik MD with Avi Wallerstein, shortly after the pair graduated from McGill University’s ophthalmology program, comes off as a pure “A” type personality.


Although he showed early promise by being admitted straight into medical school, bypassing completion of a bachelor’s degree, the traditional route, Cohen is no mere egg-head. Keeping the company’s 550 employees, particularly its 50 surgeons, requires considerable managerial talent. He attributes Lasik MD’s success to its internal cohesiveness and close ties with a dozen or so universities, which enable the company to sign up the most promising surgeons. The addition of new services, such as topo-guided laser treatment which is used on patients with irregular corneas, has also broadened the company’s customer base.


Despite his considerable management responsibilities, Cohen, who still finds the time to work at the operating table at least two days a week, is also quite happy to talk about the company’s environmental initiatives.


“We have developed a significant corporate and social responsibility department and give about $200,000 in free surgeries to charities,” he said. “We are also working on steps to boost recycling, use energy more efficiently and to use more green cleaning products.”



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