Montreal, Quebec


Legal services, M&A, taxation, corporate finance

Primary market: Quebec, alliances with law firms across Canada

Number of employees: 135 professionals

Associate director: P. Mario Charpentier




Making litigation pay


Ask any seasoned manager why his company is so successful and he will modestly tell you that it was all due to its people. In many cases that is true; but in few industries is success more closely tied to individual employee performance than it is in law firms. Lawyers don’t sell products that they can hide their personal weaknesses behind; they sell themselves and their time. If lawyers don’t produce, clients are quick to pull out the yellow pages.


So when Mario Charpentier, an associate partner at BCF, attributes the success of the firm that he six colleagues founded in the mid-1990s to its employees, he isn’t kidding. “We make it our business to attract and retain the best legal talent we can get,” he says. “For example we are developing a natural resources group to service our mining industry clientele. We recently took on two promising lawyers from Quebec’s native community, who have a special feel for these issues, to help out. In fact we have been constantly recruiting new talent, even during the recession.”


BCF prides itself on the broad and varied backgrounds found amongst its legal team. “We target mid-market clients with Quebec head offices,” says Charpentier. “The fact that many of our partners have backgrounds in business and engineering, makes it much easier for us to understand their challenges.”


Growth came quickly to BCF. During the past 15 years the company’s staff shot up to 135 professionals in Quebec, and the firm has negotiated alliances with firms across Canada and internationally. However its big strength remains in La Belle Province. “We are very rooted in Quebec,” said Charpentier. “We have good contacts in government, as well as with institutions and banks. Our challenge during coming years will be to build on that base.”






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