White Spot Limited

Vancouver BC


Restaurants (White Sport 64 locations (24 corporate), and Triple O’s 56 locations (4 corporate)

Primary market: British Columbia

Number of employees: 3,500

President: Warren Erhart



Serving up a storm


In many ways the restaurant business is a mature one, which in many markets has completely overbuilt. So when a chain like White Spot, almost doubles its outlets in less than ten years, you know they are doing something right.


“Our White Spot brand name is instantly recognizable in the British Columbia market, so we get a lot of traffic.” says Warren Erhart, the company’s president. “But once the customer gets into our outlets, we then have to deliver, and that is the key to our success.”


White Sport Limited, which bills itself as Canada’s oldest and most successful restaurant chain, operates 120 full and quick service restaurants under the White Spot and Triple O’s banners. The company is owned by the Toigo family, through Shato Holdings, which acquired it from General Foods in 1983.


Erhart attributes the company’s success to the extensive market research that it conducts to keep up to date with the tastes of restaurant patrons. White Spot also goes to great lengths to “hire the best, train the best and keep the best,” employees that it can find, by offering a variety of benefits to the such as college credits for certain training initiatives and a Toastmasters program that it runs. The company’s foray into the Hong Kong market, where it now overseas seven restaurants, was another key growth factor.


The company also keep an ear to the ground regarding the public’s increasing concerns about the environment, by promoting effective waste management, recycling, more effective water consumption and local purchases.








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