Maison Laprise Inc.

Montmagny, Quebec

Pre-fabricated houses and cottages

Primary markets: Canada, U.S.

Employees: 220

General Manager: Sylvain Millaire



Building it in advance


Business experts say that concentrating efforts on specialized markets provides businesses with better chances of success, because this enables them to divert resources into areas in which they add the most value. If Maison Laprise’s substantial success in recent years is any indication, the experts are right.


Maison Laprise manufactures customized or off-the shelf kits, that include all of major components that are needed to build a house, such as frameworks, doors and windows, skylights, chimneys and so on. The company’s main customers are professional builders, which assemble the homes and then re-sell them and to do-it-yourselfers.


Maison Laprise was founded in 1989 and as grown rapidly since then, says Sylvain Millaire, the company’s general manager. Millaire had been an entrepreneur in a previous life, but joined Maison Laprise after selling his third business off. “I was really attracted by their enormous growth potential,” said Millaire. “And so far I have not been disappointed.”


Millaire attributes Maison Laprise’s success to the high quality of its products, the 700 model homes designs that kit buyers have to choose from, and to the company’s ability to adapt those designs to specific customer needs.


That said, Millaire acknowledges that continued sluggishness south of the border is crimping the company’s ability to build up market share there, though he claims to remain undeterred. “We have to succeed,” he said with a laugh. “Because we don’t have a word here for failure.”



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