G. J. Cahill & Company Limited.

St. John’s, NL


President: Fred Cahill

Employees: 200 full-time, plus trades-people 1,200

Primary market: Eastern Canada


Industrial contractor


A solid mentor


Every working day, a quiet 86-year old man ambles into the offices of G.J. Cahill & Company, chats a bit with a few of the other long time employees, opens some mail and then rolls up his sleeves.


Outside observers are often impressed with Gerard Cahill, the company’s founder’s energy. But according to his son Fred Cahill, G.J. Cahill & Company’s current president, having his father around is a huge positive. “He has been a wonderful mentor to me,” said Cahill. “Even today I run all of my major ideas by him to get his feedback. He is a great sounding board.”


G.J. Cahill & Company provides industrial construction services to major projects, such as pre-fabricated modules, operational support, and specialty services such as valves and instrumentation. Fred Cahill, an engineer by trade, joined his father’s business in the mid-1980s. At that time the company had just 20 people working there, including 16 trades-people. However since then, rapid growth has help shoot those totals up to 200 full-time staff and 1,200 trades-people.


Fred Cahill attributes the company’s success to several factors, including its strong balance sheet, conservative approach and its diversification - both geographically and by sectors.  “Last year western Canada was slow, as was the mining sector, where several projects were cancelled or put on hold,” said Cahill. “But we compensated by growing in other regions.”


In fact, coming year looks to be just as busy as past ones. G.J. Cahill & Company is angling to do work on several major upcoming developments including the Hebron Oil Development Field, the Hibernia project extension and PotashCorp’s Sussex mine.





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