Forensic Technology WAI Inc.

Cote-St-Luc, Quebec

Number of employees: 200

Automatic ballistics identification

President: Robert Walsh

Primary market: Global


Taking aim at the bad guys


Television shows ranging from Quincy to CSI have long been increasingly popularizing the techniques that police investigators use to catch and convict the guys. Forensic Technology develops and markets several such tools, notably automated ballistics identification services, a process the company pioneered during the mid 1990s.


Forensic Technology products track the effects that slight variances in firearm barrel rifling have on bullets and shell casings when they are fired. This enables law enforcement officials to determine with a high degree of certainly whether a particular projectile component came from a particular gun. “Our technology has connected more than 100,000 crimes,” says Robert Walsh, the company’s president. “This does not necessarily mean that the crime is solved. But once you know which firearm a bullet came from, you are off to a good start.”

Not surprisingly, law enforcement officials have adopted the technology in droves. Forensic Technology now has five offices around the world, and its products, which include imaging technology and software to store and compare ballistics data, are used by hundreds of public safety agencies in more than 45 countries and territories.

Despite his success, Walsh has been working tirelessly to improve the process. For example Forensic Technologies recently developed and has been marketing a system which captures the shape of the spent bullets and shells in three dimensions, which are a step up from the two dimension scans that were the standard in heritage systems. The new process substantially increases system accuracy. Clients have been quick to jump on board. Fully a third of Forensic Technologies’ systems now use the upgraded methodology.





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