Halifax, Nova Scotia

Number of employees: 1,600


Diversified media and communications

Primary market: Atlantic Canada, with a presence across the country

CEO: Lee Bragg




Another good call


A seemingly endless stream of new innovations is forcing the information, technology and communications (ICT) sector to constantly evolve. Successful companies react by staying flexible, changing their business models when need be, and by endlessly acquiring, merging or partnering with others to remain competitive.


Halifax-based EastLink is no different. During recent years, this communications, entertainment and advertising services provider acquired three new companies, which added 500,000 new subscribers, and introduced a slew of new offerings. “Our challenge right now is to successfully complete the integration of those acquisitions so that we can better leverage our existing client base,” said Lee Bragg, the company’s CEO. “We are also moving aggressively into mobile telephony and have acquired spectrum at auctions in almost all areas where we currently have cable subscribers including Atlantic Canada, Northern Ontario and selected markets in Southern Ontario.”


If Eastern Canada could be said to have an aristocracy, Bragg would be part of it. His family’s business roots there, which included holdings in Oxford Frozen Foods and in numerous local cable providers, go back decades. But leveraging that heritage into the powerhouse he now heads was by no means a done deal.


Bragg attributes the company’s success to its focus of developing internal talent, a particularly challenging task for a business that has seen its employee base double in the past few years. Proper execution is also key. “A lot of it comes down to just plain old hard work,” says Bragg. “We run our business from one day to the next, by listening to our customers’ needs.” The company is also looking at new ways to further bundle offerings to provide subscribers more flexible offerings.





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