West Wind Aviation LLP

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Number of employees: 230

Aviation services

President: Dennis Goll



Primary markets:  Saskatchewan



West Wind flies to new heights


Warren Buffet famously once said the airline industry’s cumulative profits since it was founded have amounted to a big fat zero.  Dennis Goll, president of West Wind Aviation is on a mission to change all that. And by all appearances he is off to a good start.


The company bills itself as Western Canada’s largest aviation services supplier. It has grown from a fleet of one aircraft to an organization with 20 that are active in a variety of activities. West Wind’s core business is its charter services. But in recent years it has also moved into overseeing fixed-based operations in smaller airports and into offering regularly scheduled flights in selected markets.


Yet despite the necessity of a continuous focus on the bottom line to keep shareholders happy (employees own 49 percent of West Wind and two first nations groups hold the balance) according to Goll money is not the prime goal. “Dollars do not drive our business,” said the aviation industry veteran. “Our corporate philosophy does. We have an absolute no compromise attitude regarding safety. We believe in continuous improvement and customer service. These principals drive all areas of our business.”


According to Goll, several factors have driven the company’s recent success. For one, Saskatchewan’s resource sector has grown quickly, particularly uranium development, which has spurred increased demand for air traffic to remote communities. The airline also implemented regular service between Regina and Saskatoon in the Fall of 2005. These two trends as well as several innovative marketing initiatives have rapidly pushed West Wind’s workforce from 160 to 230 employees.




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