Teknika HBA

Montreal, Quebec

Number of employees: 700


President: Wilfred Morin


www. teknika-hba.com

Primary markets:  North America, Asia and Africa


Engineering a big success


Quebec has long had a reputation for generating top notch engineering talent. Much of that reputation stems from initiatives that its firms have taken in the domestic and international markets. A quick chat with Wilfred Morin provides a glimpse into how that success originated.


“Last year we grew revenues by about 10 per cent and we have to grow by at least that much next year. Otherwise we won’t be able to fulfill orders we have already booked,” said Morin, president of Teknika HBA, which bills itself as the province’s second oldest engineering firm. “In fact finding new employees and keeping them here is increasingly a priority if we want to continue to grow.”


Like many businesses whose main assets walk out the door each night, Teknika HBA does all it can to keep employees happy. “We spend more waking hours (at work) than at home. So it’s important that our people enjoy themselves and feel like they belong,” said Morin.


Teknika HBA tries to accomplish this in several ways. For one, fully half of all staff now own shares, giving them a direct stake in how the company does. Teknika HBA also introduced a quality of life program that focuses on the physical work environment, the work-home life balance and human interactions at the job site. “Mutual respect is the rule at every level, regardless of title,” says Morin.


But the company, which is active in a variety of large scale engineering projects such as the Centre Hospitalier Université de Montréal, has not just grown organically. Acquisitions have also played a big role. During the past decade, Teknika HBA picked up a half dozen smaller firms, including Groupe HBA in 2004, which brought staff at the combined organization from 350 to more than 600 in one swoop.






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