Phipps Dickson Integria

Montreal, Quebec

Number of employees:  210

Sheet-fed printing, fulfillment services

President: Gaetano DiTrapani



Primary markets:  Canada


Printing up a storm


The printing industry has been having a rough go of it lately. Widespread Internet use has dramatically reduced demand for printed materials ranging from magazines, to catalogues and flyers. As a result, thousands of printers across North America have gone bankrupt, while a few stronger players are buying up their assets and acting as industry consolidators. The good news for Gaetano DiTrapani, president and part-owner of Phipps Dickson Integria, is that his company falls in the latter category.


“In some industries, customers are willing to pay more for quality, others care only about getting a good price and others want instant service. Print customers want, and get, all three,” says DiTrapani with a grim laugh. “That’s why our focus has to be on delivering total value across the board.”


DiTrapani should know. He’s a long-time industry veteran who has a strong background in pre-press work. In the mid-1990s he struck out on his own and soon after he bought stakes in Phipps Graphics and then Dickson Litho. A string of investments, acquisitions and plant construction followed. Today DiTrapani and partners Jeff Mahar and Jamie Barbieri operate a full-service sheet-fed plant in LaSalle that produces close to $40 million a year in printed products.


This year alone, DiTrapani spearheaded two deals: the Integria acquisition, which led to partner Barbieri coming on board and the acquisition of a 50 per cent stake in Harling Marketing, a fulfillment, print storage and distribution house. But DiTrapani isn’t done yet. “We’ve always got our eyes open for new acquisition targets,” says the industry veteran. “Tough times and new opportunities often go hand in hand.”



Photo: Photo of president Gaetano DiTrapani, (with partner) exists in the Montreal Gazette archives (2003) from shortly after their acquisition of Houston Press.




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