Agence Quebec Plus

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Number of employees: 16

Distributor Asics (Sportwear)

President: Denis Custeau, 819-566- 8866



Primary markets:  Canada


Agence Quebec Plus sprints ahead


Agence Quebec Plus has been in business for more than a quarter century and is now primarily a marketer of shoes, clothing and accessories. Until May 2002, the company held the Eastern Canada exclusive licence for ASICS products. Following the acquisition of a western Canadian distributor, the company now holds that licence for all of Canada.


During his time at the helm, Custeau has ridden several trends that have been key to Agence Quebec Plusís success. For one Canadians have become increasingly health conscious in recent years. This has led to floods of sporting equipment purchases as New Yearís resolution pledges strive to work of their spreading bellies through activities such as running, walking, basketball, wresting and volley-ball, all of which Agence Quebec Plus supplies equipment for.


But Canadians donít just want to get fit, they also want to look good doing it. As a result, many sports stores allocate more than half of their space to sportswear and other accessories which Agence Quebec Plus also supplies. By all indications, Custeauís luck looks set to continue. Early this year ASICSí GEL-Kayano shoe, which Agence Quebec Plus distributes, received a prestigious editorís choice award from Runnerís World Magazine.






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