Hurley Corporation

Toronto, Ontario

Number of employees: 5,200

Customized facility solutions

President: J. Michael Horgan,

Primary markets:  Canada, The United States


Hurley keeps it clean


One of the biggest challenges facing large Canadian organizations is the huge cost of maintaining workers. As a result, businesses today tend to try to outsource almost any non-core functions that they can. Fortunately for Michael Horgan, custodial services such as building maintenance and cleaning are often at the top of the list.


“We provide a full range of customized facilities solutions for a wide variety of clients ranging from airports to schools, shopping centers and commercial towers,” says Horgan, the company’s president and co-owner. “But it’s not just a price issue. Clients also hire us for our effective training, operational systems, procurement processes and top of the line service. In short people today want healthier, more environmentally-sound work environments.”


Hurley Corporation was founded in 1956 by Richard Hurley who remains a co-owner. Horgan attributes its success over the years to variety of factors such as the ability to effectively integrate new acquisitions into the organization. Hurley Corporation is in the process of buying yet another company, its fifth during the past two years, which will bring total staff to more than 5,200.


Hurley’s success at tackling new markets has also been an important factor. For example three years ago, Hurley Corporation began providing some clients with private security services, an area that Horgan believes is primed for growth in the coming decade. During the past year, Hurley Corporation also streamlined its North American operations, which were consolidated from six groups to just two. But Horgan isn’t done yet. During the coming years he wants to make another acquisition, possibly in the security field and to move deeper into markets such as healthcare services.





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