Johnvince Foods

Toronto, Ontario

Number of employees: 600+

Nut and confectionary products

President: Joe Pulla,

Primary market:  Canada


One tough nut


Canadians’ eating habits have changed dramatically in recent years. As a result of rushed lifestyles, the three daily meal regimen is giving way to a stream of smaller “snacks” that we increasingly grab throughout the day, whenever we can. One big winner from this trend has been Jonvince Foods, which processes, packages and distributes a variety of nuts, dried fruit and confectionary products.


“We are fortunate to be in a business that is basically healthy,” says Pullo. “Nut consumption has been increasing due to its health attributes, but also because nuts can be an effective meat substitute for those thinking about a vegetarian diet.”


Johnvince Foods was founded by Joe’s father Vince during the late 1970s. At the time, bulk food suppliers were rare and the company had a lot of room to grow. In the mid-1990s Johnvince made major inroads after it bought the rights to market the Planters brand in Canada from Hersheys. Today the company does private label packing and sells to all major Canadian retailers under a variety of in-house brand names such as Reddi Snack, Joe’s Tasty Travels and Beaver.


Joe Pulla attributes much of the company’s success to its employees, many of whom have been around since his father started the business. According to the nut industry veteran, turnover at Johnvince is low, near just 1.0 percent a year and more than 175 of the company’s 600 employees have been there more than 10 years. Johnvince Foods’ ability to spot new trends early, such as growing demand for fruit and nut combinations was also a big factor in its success.





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